Happy Earth Day!


We take pride in doing our part to stay green all year round, and hope you do too! Whether you’re putting up solar panels, recycling or car-pooling, we applaud you for doing your part in helping keeping the Earth a healthier place.

So in honor of Earth Day, we want to share with you a quick tip you can do to make the earth a greener place. Don’t throw away those morning coffee grounds - we’re going to show you how to use them to create a beautiful succulent garden.


What’s needed:

Organic Potting Soil

Coffee Grounds


Tea Cups (or, any cups of your choice)

Get Started:

Step One: Take a trip to your local Nursery, or gardening center and pick up a few succulents.

Step Two: Grab a small bag of sand while you’re there. This will act as a drainage system so your succulents don’t become saturated with water. This is especially important if your planter (or cup, in this situation), doesn’t have holes at the bottom to help drain.

Step Three: mix the potting soil and coffee grounds. (1 part of each). Coffee grounds will improve phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and copper in the plants, so, you get to skip fertilizers and other chemical sources. Greener, and healthier for you and your plants!

Step Four: Fill your cup about 1/4 with sand. Then, add the succulent and fill the extra space with your soil/coffee mixture.

Make sure the succulent is securely packed in with your soil mixture, and you’re done! To keep these babies alive, we suggest avoiding direct sunlight, and using a spray bottle to water once a week!


We love seeing our followers try out our ideas! Create a succulent garden and share your photos with us! 

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