Welcome To The New BarniesCoffeeKitchen.com and BCKBlog

It is my pleasure to personally welcome you to the new Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen Website and BCKBlog!

Our teams have put a lot of thought and focus into this project with the goal of bringing you – our guest – the best possible online experience. Now it’s easier than ever to shop for your favorite Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen coffees in a fresh and interactive online environment.

Some new items to discover:

1)    An enhanced online shopping experience. We have a robust new shopping area, which includes a streamlined way to shop, sign up for subscriptions (which provide a great value) and shop a wide selection of our specialty coffee. I invite you to set up an account, it’s easy to set up, and your account allows for a more personalized experience. Activating your account takes a moment and unlocks the ability to save your shopping cart, save and print recipes, comment on blog posts (like this one), as well as receive news and promotions. 

2)    New look and feel.  You will see plenty of new imagery and design elements that make shopping for coffee exciting. We are pleased to offer you some of the world’s best coffees, bringing their artistry and emotion to life. This site reflects that aesthetic appreciation for food and beverage, and we know that you will enjoy its new appearance.

3)    BCKBlog.  You’ll hear from me and our team of coffee and culinary experts on a regular basis about topics that will excite your palate. We’ll highlight themes that matter to us as a brand, like sustainability, proper conditions on coffee farms, sourcing food from unique and small producers and other ideals that inspire us.  Occasionally, we will showcase guest bloggers who have a unique voice in food and beverage. We are confident that you’ll keep coming back to discover content that engages you and allows you the opportunity to comment and share your thoughts.

4)    Recipes.  We have listened to our fans and responded. Our new site will showcase recipes from our coffee experts and culinary team. You can be among the first to make our award-winning dishes and drinks for you and your family or when hosting a gathering.

5)    The “Our Approach” section. This area of the site gives an insider’s view into our approach to coffee. We are coffee experts, and it has been our passion for nearly 35 years. So, with that knowledge, we provide you with insights on how to make your cup of coffee the best possible. This portion of the site provides tips, ideas and resources on how to make your coffee drinking experience truly special (and even discover some new ways of brewing your coffee).

As you explore our site, you’ll find many other new features and enhancements that will make Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen your online coffee destination. 

Here are some of the team members that you’ll hear from on our BCKBlog:

  • Sonya Hardy, our resident Coffee & Cuisine Expert. Sonya has been an executive team member at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen for more than 16 years, so she knows the business of coffee better than just about anyone! 
  • Anne Valdez, our VP of Coffee and fifth-time Cup of Excellence Judge. The Cup of Excellence is the world’s preeminent coffee competition, so the fact that Anne has been invited time-and-again to be a judge demonstrates that she knows her coffee! She is a coffee roaster herself and oversees our line-up of specialty and microroasted coffees.  Since she has visited many of the coffee farms from which we source our coffee, she’ll also provide some wonderful field-to-cup stories. 
  • Camilo Velasco, our Culinary Team Leader and Executive Chef for our Zagat-award winning cafe.  Chef Velasco will share insights from the kitchen, especially surrounding our farm-to-table approach in cooking.  Also on the site, he shares many of his recipes, so be sure and take note of his delicious creations.

These are just a few of the talented individuals who will contribute to our BCKblog.

Please enjoy our new online presence and follow us on all the leading social media platforms, including Facebook, twitter, Instgram, Pinterest, google+ and Yelp.

Thank you for being a guest on our new site – enjoy!


Jonathan Smiga

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  • Love the new website! The blog section is my favorite. Looking forward to reading more! I’m a huge fan of Barnie’s coffee.

    Alexandra on
  • Very good to see your new website. I have been a customer for many years and was pleased with the new direction of the company. The website is nice and I love all the new photos. Thanks and now I am going to order some microroast coffee – which I really enjoy. Thank you.

    Larry Abrhamson on

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