What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

Hey Kitchenistas!

How do you drink your coffee? Did you know that how you drink your coffee says a lot about you? 

Clearly our coffee habits have developed immensely since the French first introduced milk to coffee centuries ago. We have gone from black coffee to putting cream in our coffee and now, we are even making latte art in our mugs!

I personally drink my coffee with cream only, but as we know, there are many ways to drink your morning cup o’ joe, including black, with cream and sugar, with just sugar, with soy milk, as an espresso, iced, or even blended if you want a thicker, more smoothie like texture.

According to a recent article in Time magazine, a study was conducted analyzing the connection between people’s coffee drinking habits and their personalities. Below is a brief overview of the results of this 1,000-person assessment, which was originally organized into a fun chart by coffee aficionada and lover, Ryoko Iwata, who runs the blog, I Love Coffee.

Do you agree with the personality description that matches with the way you love your coffee?

Black Coffee Drinker:

  • Very straightforward
  • Simple
  • Quiet, but also temperamental

Espresso Drinker:

  • Leader
  • Driven to get what they want
  • Hardworking, but also temperamental

Latte Drinker: 

  • People pleaser
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Anxious

Cappuccino Drinker:

  • Creative
  • Controlling
  • Friendly

Frappucino/Blended Drinker:

  • Innovator
  • Daring
  • Adventurous

Instant Coffee Drinker:

  • Relaxed; not easily worried
  • Procrastinator            
  • Positive 

Soymilk Drinker: 

  • Demanding
  • Self-centered
  • Very much into details


I would love to hear your thoughts on this, especially how you drink your coffee. Do you agree with these results? No matter how simple or complex of a coffee drinker you are, each and every one of us is unique. However, we all do have one thing in common; we love a good cup of java.


Maybe the next time you are meeting someone new for coffee, pay attention to their order-it might say a lot about their personality!


Until next time Kitchenistas,


Sonya Hardy



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  • My husband always tells me I demanding, self-centered and get caught up in the details. Right now I drink black coffee (which would make me sound a lot nicer!) – but I guess I should start using soy milk in my coffee, to be like me personality! Thanks for this blog. I am a teacher in Texas and told my friends about your blog. We all drink Barnie’s Coffee together in the break room. Now this gives us something to talk about besides the students!

    Barbara Duey on

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