The Top Ten Coffee Countdown

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I have been working in the coffee industry for 30 years, and over the years I have fallen in love with many of our delicious, specialty coffees. I am excited to share - for the first time ever - my top ten favorite Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen coffees.

All of these coffees are available for purchase here on our website, so it’s a great opportunity to explore the world of coffee. Enjoy!

10) Cool Café Blues: A Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen cult-classic flavor. Rich flavors of rum, caramel, maple, pecan and a hint of cinnamon come together to create one of our most popular and intriguing proprietary flavored coffee blends. It has many layers so it is wonderfully complex.

9) Hawaiian Kona Greenwell Farms Fancy:The rich volcanic soil and careful growing and processing of this coffee results in a sweet, smooth, bright and delicate coffee.

8) Global Blend Fair Trade Organic: This coffee delivers crisp, fruity notes while maintaining the delicate balance you look for in your cup any time of the day. 

7) Guatemala Antigua Finca Medina Rainforest Alliance: A perfect comfort coffee with a full-bodied smooth and sweet taste. 

6) Jamaican Blue Mountain Mavis Bank Grade 1: Rich and full bodied yet smooth, mellow, subtle and well balanced. 

5) Kenya Kia Ora: Bright and sweet with distinct tart apple and complex citrus flavors of grapefruit and lemon with a clean finish.

4) Tucano Espresso Rainforest Alliance Certified: Our Tucano Espresso is medium roasted to achieve a smooth, full flavored coffee that effortlessly lends itself to any style of brewing. Shots provide a creamy body, chocolate notes, and a pleasantly noticeable acidity all wrapped up with a caramelized finish.

3) Colombian La Tolva Rainforest Alliance Certified: La Tolva coffee is fruity and bright with hints of chocolate and a full body.

2) Brazil Sitio Primavera Cup of Excellence: A lively complex coffee with tropical exotic fruit, pineapple and chocolate aromatics and flavor accentuated by a red wine acidity.  It is an internationally-recognized award-winning coffee. I invite you to enjoy it!  

1) El Salvador Bello Horizonte Natural: The natural process of this coffee brings out the fruity flavors of blueberries, grape, raspberry, and grapefruit with a bright sparkling sweet acidity and medium body. This is a must-have!

I also give an “Honorable Mention” to our best-selling, extremely popular Santa’s White Christmas coffee. This coffee combines the flavors of coconut, nuts, sweet caramel and vanilla to satisfy your craving for something smooth, rich and wonderful. There is a reason it is loved all year long-there is truly nothing like it!

If you haven’t tried all of these coffees, I highly encourage you to try at least one or two!

At Barnie's CoffeeKitchen, we take pride in offering micro-roasted coffee, hard-to-find origins and blends, sustainably-sourced coffee, naturally flavored coffee, and beloved fan-favorites. Let's start shopping and exploring the world of coffee together! 

Anne Valdez 

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  • I’m most fascinated in your “cinnamon butter cookie” blend which I bought several years at Boynton beach mall. Unfortunately You don’t have a Café there anymore and I have been missing my cinnamon butter cookie ever since.
    I wonder if it is possible to by it in some of your shops nowadays?
    Many of your other coffees are very good too and I usually have something in my luggage when coming back to Finland from Florida.

    Outi on
  • I love all flavored coffees. Wish they were still whole bean. Mix half decaf half regular to get now as you make less decaf. I just can’t drink at night anymore

    Donna Knerr on

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