In the Kitchen with BREWSTICKS™ Coffee

As Executive Chef at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen café concept, I love to consistently think of new ways to surprise and delight our guests. I have worked in award-winning kitchens for many years now, and innovation in the kitchen is more important than ever. A chef’s work is never done; it is a never-ending quest for freshness, intrigue and personality that must shine through in every dish served to the guest.

One of the unique approaches that we have at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen is to draw culinary inspiration from coffee-growing regions from around the world. When we find ones we love, we integrate select flavor elements, approaches, or complete dishes to our menu. Ideas from Central and South America, Indonesia, parts of Africa, Hawaii and coffee-centric areas of the globe play a supporting role in our food and beverage offering.

I myself am from Colombia, which is synonymous with coffee as the world’s most significant producer of coffee beans. So, I bring some hometown influence from Colombia to dishes like our flank steak with a wonderful chimichurri sauce.

Thinking about innovation in the kitchen, when our coffee team gave me an advance look at BREWSTICKS, I was thrilled by the possibilities. They had only thought about the applications for drinking coffee - which there are certainly many. In fact, I have been wearing my new BREWSTICKS tee quite a bit (it’s a real attention-getter, by the way!). I love that shirt because it playfully describes all the different places I can BREWSTICKS: at the beach, on the plane, in the office, and so many other locations. 

I thought – well, what about the kitchen, where I spend most of my time? Can I BREWSTICKS in the kitchen?

I went to work to find out. If there were possibilities to effectively use BREWSTICKS in recipes – I could be on to something big. I tried some different ideas, excited about what I might discover, like a chemist in a lab. After many permutations, I was astounded by the outcomes. BREWSTICKS is actually a perfect solution for adding a hint of coffee to marinades for meats and fish, salad dressings, desserts – and especially baking. Because BREWSTICKS comes in coffee flavors like Barnie’s Blend and French Roast, I could get as little or as much of the real coffee sensation as I wanted. Using the elegantly flavored versions like Crème Brulee and Hawaiian Hazelnut, I could add complexity and sweetness. Because there is no added sugar or preservatives in BREWSTICKS – just pure cold-brew coffee-only beautiful balance was achieved.

Two of my favorite recipes that came out of my Kitchenista-turned-BREWSTICKS Lab were Hawaiian Hazelnut BREWSTICKS Bundt Cake and BREWSTICKS Coffee Flan. The recipes are here on our website. Please try them at home and let me know how much you love them! 

If you are in the Orlando, Florida, area or visiting, I invite you to our flagship café in lovely Winter Park. Taste the full menu, including a stellar coffee bar, wine and beer selections. Ask about dishes that have BREWSTICKS as a key ingredient. I will be rotating a number of them onto the menu regularly. For home use, visit the Recipes & Ideas section of for BREWSTICKS-infused items that will wow you and your guests. 

Thanks, Kitchenistas, for being a part of my culinary journey, and stay tuned for my next blog. I’ll be talking about the partnership between Chef and Farmer in the Farm-to-Table phenomenon. Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen is pleased to be a part of this movement, and I’ll give you an insider glimpse into how it all works.

Yours in Coffee & Cuisine,

Chef Camilo

Brewsticks Coffee

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  • Always an outstanding adventure when exploring your menu !
    Time after time the pairing of a condiment or wine with one of your creations is delicious !

    Bob Kalafut on

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