Our Top 10 Favorite Monstrous Mugs

Coffee mugs are a very personal expression of our relationship with coffee.

That’s why in homes and offices across the nation you see themes like #1 Dad and World’s Best Mom prominently displayed on our tables and desks. From Disney characters to cities visited, our coffee cups tell a very individualized story. Yes it’s true: we love our coffee mugs!

Last week in our BCKBlog, we had a bloodcurdling blast pairing Barnie’s coffee with popular Halloween candies. As you can tell, we think Halloween is the perfect time of year to be light-hearted. In case you were wondering, after our creative team held a thrilling coffee and candy photo shoot – all the candy quickly disappeared (especially the M&M’s)!

On the heels of that sugary romp, the minds of the BCK creative team were already churning in overdrive, and positively batty from all that Halloween candy and coffee. We love lists, because they are a great way to organize a stellar theme – spooky or not. As we sipped our coffee, we realized the next countdown list idea was right in front of our nose.

We’d like to introduce you to the next BCK Halloween countdown: Top 10 Favorite Monstrous Mugs!

We trolled all around for eerie, uncanny and disturbing coffee cups. And to our bizarre delight, we found some goodies. Let’s look at the creepiest, most chilling and sometimes lovingly off-kilter coffee mugs we could find. No better way to wake up a day, than with your favorite ghoul or goblin to greet your every sip.

Don’t be scared… here we go:

10. At Barnie’s, we think “mean” is scary. So number ten on our list is a “Mean Girls” coffee mug from Ashley Brooke Designs. We thought we would start off easy and it’s not too frightening (And it’s a cult favorite!)

Courtesy of ashleybrookedesigns.com

9. We are batty for this design! This playful mug is a fun, whimsical take on Halloween.

Courtesy of fab.com

8. This little spider won us over with its simple, fun design.

Courtesy of etsy.com

7. At Barnie's, we love Halloween the classics. This simplistic approach to Frankenstein is an eye-catching treat.

6. These fun mugs are a stack of Halloween fun. This set of four stacks up to reveal a spooky skeleton. 

Courtesy of farfetch.com

5. Dia de los Muertos comes to life with in this festive mug. The details are to die for in this skull-shaped design. Even the handle resembles a bone!

Courtesy of dormify.com

4. Keep your eye on this deceptive mug. This clever design features two skeletons that blend seamlessly from the inside to the outside.

Courtesy of etsy.com

3. This design chills us to the bone! Barnie's CoffeeKitchen is all about handcrafted details and so is this intricate design. We love the ornate renderings of the bones and the attention to detail.

Courtesy of society6.com

2. This mug is hard to get a hold of… literally! This frightening design features spikes covering the exterior of the mug. We would recommend drinking a bold roast out of this one.

Courtesy of etsy.com

1. Our top pick is full of scary surprises! From the outside, this is an unsuspecting mug but as you get to the bottom of your coffee, a spooky creature is revealed!

Courtesy of firebox.com


Special Mention: Our Graphic Designer Tim Eggert is a talented and accomplished artist and illustrator. For a “Day of the Dead” Halloween block party event at our downtown Orlando CityArts Gallery café, Tim hand-painted a Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen coffee cup with this chilling – yet brilliant design. Unfortunately, this is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you can’t bring home. But stay tuned this holiday season as Tim might showcase some other inspired creations for us all to enjoy!

Artist Tim Eggert

Go ahead and collect some extraordinary additions to your coffee mug collection this year. Add a giggle to your morning as you choose your mug. Cartoon character, silly saying or monstrous mug?

I encourage you to enrich and enjoy your coffee-drinking experience. Since coffee is an elemental part of our day-to-day lives, have some fun. Suspend some reality. Let the whimsical in you show. You’ll enjoy it and you might put a smile on those around you.

Happy Halloween, Kitchenistas!

Until next time,

Sonya Hardy

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  • Beautiful blog. makes we want to overhaul my coffee mug inventory and make it scarier. like the Frankenstein cup. Classic.

    Jeremy Coronado on
  • Thank you for all these entertaining blogs Sonya. You are becoming my go-to for coffee entertainment!

    Fredeicka Jymsik on

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