Audio Blog: Santa's White Christmas Boutique is Open for Business!


The holidays are so special for Barnie's because we have a great selection of holiday coffees, like our best-selling Santa's White Christmas, our Traditional Holiday Blend and our newest holiday coffee, Peppermint Bark.

The holiday theme this year is "I'm Dreaming of a Santa's White Christmas" which is based off the classic, nostalgic Bing Crosby song. We are launching this theme throughout our branding on our website, as well as in our stores and on some of our display packaging. 

The Santa's White Christmas Boutique was created so that we could have one-stop shopping on the website for people who love Santa's White Christmas. It gave our marketing team the opportunity to develop some new and unique products to sell through the boutique. Like ceramic mugs, tumblers, t-shirts and gift sets. The boutique has all of the form factors of Santa's White Christmas: the ground coffee, BREWSTICKS and our single cup offerings. 

My favorite holiday coffee is, of course, our Santa's White Christmas but I also love the Peppermint Bark. It reminds me of my favorite candy, which is the peppermint pattie. I just love the sweetness of the mint and it's one of my favorites to drink during this time of year. 

Some other coffees we have that are great during the holidays are our Microroast Coffees. We micro-roast our coffees here in Orlando. Some of our best-sellers during the season are the Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Kona. They're very unique coffees and people not only love giving them as gifts, but they also love to brew them and have them at their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Our Microroast line is definitely one to keep an eye on this season. 

Coffee is the best centerpiece for any holiday function since more than 80% of Americans drink coffee. So as you're gathering your friends and your family around, or you're going to somebody else's house for dinner or a holiday event, drinking coffee is not only expected, but it's something that's very enjoyable and it becomes one of the favorite parts of the celebration. 

Happy holidays from everyone at Barnie's CoffeeKitchen,

Sonya Hardy

Audio Blog Santa's White Christmas

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  • Have loved your coffee’s since Barnie’s was in Gooding’s Supermarkets! Barnie’s helped me appreciate great tasting coffee!!! Very excited that your coffee is now available in Up Cups for my Keurig brewer!! Just in time for the Holidays… of our favorites “Santa’s White Christmas”!! Thank you!

    Tina G on
  • I was hoping you would sing a few bars of the song!! Also I heard that you have a Santa White ice cream at Publix that’s awesome !!

    Bob Kalafut on
  • It is so exciting to put a voice with the face. I like the appreciation for Christmas and the holiday season from Barnies. When ever I think of this special time of the year – which I love, I think of your coffee. thanks very much and I love the Santa boutique.

    Elenore Hankins on

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