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Audio Blog: How to be more Grateful in 60 Seconds


I'd like to talk to you today about Gratitude in 60 Seconds.

You know, I've been in the coffee business for some time and what I love most about coffee is that it prompts a time of reflection, whether on work I might be doing in the moment or in conversation with friends and family. As I reflect on this, and as the holidays approach, I'm reminded that Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude.

Gratitude is a very special ideal for all of us. And as a busy person, I'm often not very good at it. I've learned that a grateful person is a happy person. Grateful people contribute to society as they make a difference in the lives of others. They do this every day and in many small, but meaning full ways.

Recently, I've learned two simple tools that helped me be grateful in 60 seconds and I'd love to share them with you today.

One I learned through a CEO group I meet with on a regular basis. It was a simple grid where I was asked to list 10 things I was grateful for across six topics: people, traits, experiences, accomplishments, stuff I own or like and things that make me smile or sigh. The key was to do it in 60 seconds, or as quickly as possible. It was amazing how quickly they flowed. It made me feel good to just get them out of my busy head and down on paper.

The other was a simple tool a colleague shared with me recently. At the end of the day, right down something that made me happy that day. Something specific and uniquely in the course of that day.

So as Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays are soon upon us, let's all remember to be grateful, to be happy and to share this energy with ourselves, our friends, our loved ones and - yes - even strangers.

From everyone at Barnie's CoffeeKitchen, happy holidays! Remember, a moment of gratitude makes us happy all day.


Audio Blog Gratitude Gratitude in 60 Seconds How to be more grateful in 60 seconds

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