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Kona Coffee for Christmas

It’s a very Kona Christmas!

It comes as no surprise that I love the holiday season. I love listening to nostalgic Christmas songs and watching classic Christmas movies with my daughter – A Christmas Carol is my favorite!

I also love the holidays because there’s such a sense of togetherness. This is the time of year where I can take a step back from my busy life and connect with family and friends. When planning a holiday gathering, I am always sure prepare something that will surprise and delight my family and friends.

Because I love coffee, I will brew some of the very best coffee I know: Hawaiian Kona. This coffee is renowned worldwide as a premium coffee. From the rich volcanic soil of Greenwell Farms in Hawaii, Kona brews a sweet, smooth and bright cup of coffee. It’s a really special coffee to share with those I love.

In my blog, I like to share about my life, things that fascinate me, and some important coffee tips I’ve picked up in my 17 years with Barnie’s.

Holiday shopping tip: As you shop this holiday season, be aware of what you buy. Not all Kona coffees are 100% Kona. Some are just blends that include only a percentage of Kona (sometimes as little as 3%). Barnie’s Hawaiian Kona coffee is certified 100% Fancy Kona. You’ll find the Greenwell Farm's seal of quality on all of our packaging.

We personally roast Hawaiian Kona (and all of our microroast coffees) to order at our café in Winter Park, Florida. Stop by our café or order Hawaiian Kona online to make your next gathering unique and really 'wow' your guests.

Hawaiian Kona coffee is an exotic companion for the holiday season, and truly a wonderful gift to give (and receive!).

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