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The Joys of Making Holiday Gift Baskets

During the holidays, I love to share gift baskets with my friends and family. I find holiday gift baskets always show that extra care was put into the gift. When making one yourself, they can be as affordable as you want to make them. Gift baskets also give me the opportunity to add my personal touch – from the items inside to the bow on top – and really tailor it for the recipient. This makes the gift-giving experience so much more special than just a store bought gift.

So if you’re feeling crafty, here are some of my tips for making your own gift baskets:

The Basics

While there’s no one way to make a wonderful gift basket, there are a few basics you should stick to.

Keep the heavier items on the bottom of the basket and towards the back. This way you have a solid base to showcase the rest of the basket’s items. Also, it’s important to pick a focal point. If your mother loves Santa’s White Christmas coffee, for example, place that front and center and orient the rest of the gifts around that. This way, when your mother opens it, her favorite coffee is the first thing she sees!

Theme it Out!

Most holiday gift baskets contain wine, smoked meats, cheese and fruit. These are always great gifts, but don’t let the status quo inhibit your creativity! Picking a central theme for the gift recipient will really show you care. 

If your close friend just adopted a new puppy, an “Animal Lovers” gift basket would be perfect. A spiffy new collar, dog treats and a bone will delight your friend as much as it will delight their furry companion.

Throwback” gift baskets are always fun – and great when you’re short on quality gift ideas. Knowing your father’s birth year, for example, you can fill a gift basket with retro candies, nostalgic games, albums or movies from the year.

For the foodie in your life, fill a “Foodie” basket with new and exotic foods and drinks you find at your local specialty food store or farmer’s market. Might I suggest a microroast coffee to really wow them!

A “Jetsetter” gift basket is perfect for the busy traveler in your life. If your sister has an upcoming trip to Italy, wish her a bon voyage with an Italian tour guidebook, dried pasta and some of your favorite homemade pasta sauce. Also consider a world traveler wall calendar and BREWSTICKS for the flight!

Think Outside the Basket

You can never go wrong with a traditional wicker basket to house all of your well thought-out gifts. But a basket can also be as creative as its contents!

For example, try an over-sized dog bowl for an “Animal Lovers” gift basket, a small wagon for a magical child’s gift basket, or even a coffee mug if you need a container for a few sweet treats.

Presentation is Everything

After you put time and love into the gift ideas, you’ll want to make sure the basket looks just as thoughtful. If you plan on shipping your basket, you’ll definitely want to wrap your basket in shrink-wrap to make sure the contents stay put. Shrink-wrap can be found in your local craft store. Simply wrap your basket, tie the top with floral wire and wrap a bow around the top to disguise the wire. Then trim the wrap, wire and bow until it looks picture perfect!

Here’s a tip: Use a hair dryer to shrink the wrap and give your basket a polished, form-fitted look. A few minutes are all you need! And if you’re really feeling crafty, try making a cellophane plume for your basket.

Enjoy Crafting!

I hope these tips and tricks help you craft your perfect holiday gift basket. Please tweet me pictures of your gift baskets, I’d love to see how they turn out!

Santa's Favorites Basket

If you’d love to share a gift basket with your loved ones but you just don’t have the time, take a look at some of the holiday gift baskets from Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen. Our gift baskets are memorable gifts to share with the coffee-lover in your life!

Happy holidays,


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  • Perfect gift ideas for holiday.I like your way of presenting this beautiful blog.
    Well done you have done a good job.

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  • You are a fount of knowledge. I love the animal lovers basket. I printed this out for my friends. Thanks for the tips.

    Mellisa allison on

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