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At the start of a new year, we always think about what we can do better. A better body, a better vacation, a better wardrobe – lots of opportunities for improvement.

Of course, there are many things we can do, but today I’d like talk about what I call Inspired Time Management. It’s a concept that I believe can ultimately better our lives well beyond our work life.

Throughout my life, I’ve always asked myself the question: How can I keep creativity and innovation in the forefront of my personal and professional life? For me personally, it has always been about bringing curiosity to learning. Broadening my platform creates a wonderful landscape, while deepening it creates a three-dimensional perspective, which adds detail, subtlety and nuance.

No one likes a “know-it-all” – of course – but it’s nice to be a “know-a-lot.” It’s rewarding and fun, and it keeps us young. In today’s world of online learning, this is even easier than ever. So be curious and jump in.

At work, I bring this to light for our team with our Inspired Job Description. It goes like this:

  • 10% Show up
  • 10% Be ready to work
  • 30% Routine or maintenance tasks
  • 40% Driving innovation against established business, professional and personal goals
  • 10% W.A.C.I.

The first 10 percent is to show up. 10 percent be ready to work. 30 percent is to do the routine or maintenance parts of the job that everyone has to do.

So that’s 50 percent. Pretty ho-hum, right? Well now the next 40 percent should be driving innovation against established business, professional and personal goals. This adds purpose and pride to our work.

The last 10 percent is to be W.A.C.I. That stands for Wild And Crazy Ideas. These are the icing on the cake. They put a smile on our face and pep in our step. They are joyful and often amazingly valuable to the organization.

Is this your job today? It ought to be.

This is my hope: That you have a wonderful 2015, and meet and exceed all of your goals. Take these tips from my inspired time management and remember to be W.A.C.I. in whatever you do. And trust me, you will smile when you’re driving home every day.

Happy New Year from Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen!

New Years Resolution Time Management

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  • I run a company as well and played this in a staff meeting. Inspiration and fun, as well. I asked our HR staffer to make a pie chart for this and add it to our on boarding processes as a way to help plan each day. Thanks for this and your other blogs.

    Thomas Grosvenor on
  • Enlightening. Made notes. Will Share. Happy new year.

    Jeremy Croix on
  • Since the first 90 percent is part of getting up in the morning for this publicist, it will be WACI I embrace each day of 2015. We lose site of that too often. Thank you, Jonathan, the gentle nudge.

    Gail Sideman on

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