Everywhere I go, I BREWSTICKS.

The summer travel season is almost upon us! I just returned from a spring break trip to the Grand Canyon. I know I’m already planning for some fun excursions this summer – and I’m sure some of you are too.

It was freeing to know that even in one of America’s greatest state parks, I could still have cold-brewed coffee! Wherever your summer travels take you, don’t forget to pack your coffee. Yes, I mean actually pack your coffee. For jetsetters, BREWSTICKS coffee is a must-have item in your carry-on bag.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been traveling abroad and wished I had a quality cup of coffee. A busy day of site seeing definitely requires a caffeine boost (which can sometimes be hard to come by). And if you’re mid-flight, forget about it. I don’t even want to think about the coffee they serve on airlines. Sometimes the best way to get coffee that you truly enjoy is to make it yourself. After all, coffee is a very personal thing.

We always make a list of essentials when we travel. BREWSTICKS is on my list! With BREWSTICKS I can bring my favorite coffees with me everywhere I go. I just slip a few Santa’s White Christmas BREWSTICKS packets in my purse, pour them into a water bottle and I can enjoy my favorite coffee whether I’m lounging on the beach or catching a train.



Happy travels!

Until next time,





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  • I cannot find any nutrition information on your site. I’d like to know if the creme brulee brew sticks have any carbs.

    Linda on
  • I watched the videos but no coupon appeared.

    Caol on

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