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Since launching the new line of CropŸEx coffees, coffee drinkers have asked me which one to try first. There are currently 14 premium single-origin coffees (that I personally roast-to-order) in the CropŸEx lineup. All of the coffees have such unique and interesting flavor profiles, it’s hard to know where to start!

So here are my top 3 personal favorite CropEx coffees.

1. Costa Rica Turrubares Aprocetu Honey

From the Turrubares Farm in Costa Rica, this coffee brews a sweet cup with citrus and red fruit notes and a creamy balanced, body.

I love this coffee because of its uniqueness. The coffee goes through a special honey process.

The coffee cherries are pulped, but not fermented and washed. The coffee dries with parts of the fruit still on it. This adds sweetness and fruitiness to the coffee. The honey process has nothing to do with actual honey, but rather the syrupy sweet pulp that’s left on the drying coffee beans.

2. Rwanda Inzovu Grade A

This excellent coffee crop is very refreshing in comparison to other East African varietals. Inzovu’s razor thin acidity and unique body create a creamy texture that possesses distinct herbal and fruity notes, leaving the palate with a clean finish.

This Rwanda is the darkest roast coffee we’ve done so far. It’s venturing into a new flavor profile for Barnie’s coffee drinkers. I enjoy a dark roast coffee, and this is why the Rwanda is in my top three.

When I roast this coffee, I accentuate its darkness and its fruity notes. Peach and plum notes come through very nicely. The fruitiness tastes a like roasted fruits. You will taste the fruitiness through the dark roast of the coffee, but with a smoky zest.

3. Hawaiian Kona

Hawaiian Kona is the benchmark to which all other quality coffees are compared. It’s known worldwide as a prized coffee crop.

From the rich volcanic soil of Greenwell Farms in Hawaii, Kona brews a sweet, smooth and bright cup of coffee.

But not all Kona coffees are 100% Kona. A lot of “Kona coffees” on the market are just blends that include only a tiny percentage of actual Kona. Rest assured, you are getting what you’re promised at Barnie’s. Our CropEx Microroasted Hawaiian Kona coffee is certified 100% Fancy Kona. You’ll find the Greenwell Farm's seal of quality on our packaging.

I hope you enjoy my suggestions. If you have a different favorite coffee, let me know! Tell me your favorite coffee in the comments below. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Happy brewing!



Costa Rica Turrubares Aprocetu Honey Crop Ex Hawaiian Kona Microroasted Coffee Rwanda Inzovu

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  • I’d have to say I have 2 favorites that are neck-and-neck: Cool Café Blues & Santa’s White Christmas – so sorry ‘bout choosing 2 but that’s jus’ the way the coffee beans crumble!!

    Sam on

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