Super Premium Coffee, Small Batch Roasted with Care

Get ready to fire up your grinder. Shine up your French Press. Stock up on organic cream and raw sugar. Because after you’ve tried Crop Ex, your search for the perfect cup of coffee will be over, and you won’t drink another drive-thru coffee again.

Crop Ex is a new line of premium whole bean coffees from Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen. I meticulously source Crop Ex coffees from renowned coffee regions around the globe, and specifically from farms that are respected for producing only the best beans, crop after crop.

In all my years of experience, the CropEx brand is the most unique and highest quality coffee line I have ever brought to market. It’s quite possibly the best coffee money can buy.

Also, these coffees are sustainable. Most are Rainforest Alliance Certified, Fair Trade Certified or Direct Trade. Traceability is a buzzword in the coffee industry – and with Crop Ex Small Batch Roasted you know exactly where your coffee comes from.

There are six whole bean coffees in the Crop Ex lineup:

Each Crop Ex coffee is a new adventure that will stimulate the palate of even the most educated and experienced coffee drinkers. And unlike our microroasted coffees, which we are constantly updating, the Small Batch Roasted CropEx coffees are here to stay. So you can get hooked on your favorite!

Every Crop Ex coffee is roasted to perfection here in Central Florida. Then the bags are hand-packed and heat-sealed for freshness (and a much longer shelf life).

Crop Ex coffees are truly extraordinary.

Yours in coffee,


CropEx Tucano Espresso

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  • Do you have decaf.? What are prices?

    susan shafer on

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