It’s a tie! Vote for Decadent Dark Chocolate or Coffee Cake

As you may remember, a few weeks ago we asked you to vote for your favorite classic coffee flavor to bring back from Barnie’s flavor vault.

Hundreds of you voted – and it was too close to call! It really was a photo finish between Decadent Dark Chocolate and Coffee Cake.

Now you get to be the tiebreaker. Vote below to pick our 35th Anniversary coffee!

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Check back soon and we will announce the winner!

Until next time,


35th Anniversary Coffee Cake Coffee Vault Decadent Dark Chocolate Flavored Coffee

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  • Decadent Dark is the hands down fav for me!

    Robert Sax on
  • German Chocolate cake coffee cooler – Me three

    Shelly on
  • It’s anniversary time!!! Which flavor is the winner, and when can we buy it, and please can we buy it whole bean!!

    Matt on
  • German chocolate cake coffee cooler. Haven’t been a customer since you took it off the market. Check every few months hoping its back.

    Michael on
  • Why not both ???

    Mark on

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