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7 Coffee Recipes to Celebrate National Coffee Day

Tomorrow is National Coffee Day, which is pretty much our favorite holiday here at Barnie’s. Today feels like Christmas Eve and we’re all giddy with excitement for tomorrow! Or maybe that’s just the caffeine talking…

Most of us only drink coffee. But coffee’s deliciousness cannot be confined to a mug. Plus, a celebration like National Coffee Day deserves coffee treats all day long!

Here are a few of our favorite coffee-flavored recipes from around the web to celebrate National Coffee Day.

Photo courtesy of The Kitchen Is My Playground

Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate and coffee come together in perfect harmony! As if chocolate chip cookies weren’t perfect enough, add coffee for an even sweeter twist on the classic treat. Bite into one of these cookies and first you’ll taste chocolate, followed by a subtle hit of coffee on the backend.

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Tropical Coffee Popsicles

Although summer is coming to an end, these coffee pops are the prefect frozen treat to remind you of frozen drinks on the beach any time of year. Made with Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee, which is a combination of coconut and hazelnut, you will taste the tropics with every lick.

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Photo courtesy of The Kitchen Paper

Flat White Pudding

If you like a little extra milk in your coffee, you have to try this pudding! Milky, decadent and with a kick of espresso – this pudding recipe is one of the best things to come from the Flat White trend.

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Crème Brûlée Coffee & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

You’ve probably had coffee with your pancakes. But have you tried coffee in your pancakes? It’s honestly the best way to start your day. These pancakes have the rich and decadent essence of coffee. It’s a multi-layered flavor experience you probably aren’t used to with traditional pancakes.

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Photo courtesy of Verily Magazine

Cold Brew Affogato

Affogato is an Italian dessert that literally means “drowned.” That’s because you drown a few scoops of gelato with hot espresso, and subsequently you’ll drown in happiness once your spoon touches your lips.

We love this recipe because it’s simple and it substitutes cold brew coffee for hot espresso. This means the ice cream doesn’t melt as fast so you can savor its flavor for longer.

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Warm Bacon & Coffee Vinaigrette

Who says coffee flavoring can only be used in sweet treats? We love this savory vinaigrette recipe! Bacon and coffee combine to create the most deliciously unexpected salad dressing.

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Photo courtesy of Tide & Thyme

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

‘Tis the season for warm sweaters, falling leaves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. So now you can have your latte, and eat it too with this spicy seasonal cupcake recipe.

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Hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we enjoyed tasting them! Also, don’t forget to check BarniesCoffee.com on National Coffee Day for some amazing deals. Happy baking!


National Coffee Day Recipes

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