And the winner is… Coffee Cake!

Coffee Cake by Barnie's Coffee

You voted and it’s here!

 Our fans know and love us for our flavored coffees. Since 1980, we have had the pleasure of providing beloved coffee flavors to coffee drinkers everywhere.

 You may have fond memories of sharing a cup of Cool Café Blues with grandpa, or remember the scents of Santa’s White Christmas filling your home during the holidays. We are so happy Barnie’s could be a part of your cherished memories.

 As we celebrate our 35th Anniversary this October, it gives me so much pleasure to bring back one of our classic Barnie’s flavors for the occasion. We held a contest and you voted for your favorite flavor from our coffee vault.

 The winning flavor is Coffee Cake!

Coffee Cake by Barnie's Coffee

Coffee Cake has been a longtime fan-favorite. First introduced in 1986, Coffee Cake is layered with flavor notes of cinnamon, butter, warm pastry and a hint of chocolate creating an aromatic coffee delight.

In my 21 years with Barnie’s, Coffee Cake was one of my personal favorite flavors. I am so excited to re-introduce it as our 35th Anniversary flavor!

Coffee Cake is available in a beautiful foil bags. You can also get Coffee Cake wrapped in a lovely limited edition burlap bag – a keepsake to celebrate 35 years of cherished coffee flavors from Barnie’s Coffee.

Have a taste before the Coffee Cake formula returns to the coffee vault!

Until next time,


35th Anniversary Coffee Cake Coffee Vault

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  • I had it shipped from Florida when you couldn’t get it in Tennessee! Wish you were still in the malls. So much better than any other coffee!

    Jill Bentley on
  • Would love to win!! Never tried it

    Anita on
  • Would love to win a bag of coffee cake.

    mary on
  • i hope you bring back Decadent Dark Chocolate someday too

    Donna on

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