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Inside one of the world’s best coffee farms

My love for coffee has taken me all over the globe. One of the most spectacular coffee farms I’ve had the pleasure of visiting is the Finca Medina farm in Guatemala.

Nestled between three volcanos in Central Guatemala, Finca Medina is a coffee connoisseur’s dream. It’s a lush, tropical paradise that produces some of the world’s most renowned coffee crops. The coffee from Finca Medina will be full-bodied coffee with a bright acidity and a pleasant floral aroma.

The coffee plants (and I) enjoyed the blissful shade from massive Gravilea and Inga trees. They seemed to cover most of the 74 acre estate. These leafy umbrellas provide the perfect conditions for cultivating high quality coffee crops. 

The farm also grows some unexpected crops, like beautiful roses and cardamom (the spice you’ll find in a Turkish Latte). 

There is a Q Grade cupper on-site for quality assurance. Finca Medina has cupped coffees for some of the biggest names in coffee, including Barnie’s.

Importantly, the entire estate is Rainforest Alliance Certified. This means the farm uses sustainable practices that are good for the farmers, the crops and the longevity of the farm.

I visited the farm back in 2014 and here are a few of the photos I took.

If you would like to try a cup of Guatemala Finca Medina coffee, you can find it on our website. And trust me, you’ll be glad you did! Guatemala Finca Medina is roasted to order in our Diedrich 5 kilo roaster. It’s Rainforest Alliance Certified and one of my favorites!

I’m off to Colombia next! I’m excited for coffee adventures to come.



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  • That is a wonderful story and experience. Thank you for sharing it to us. I always wanted to travel to the coffee lands. Right now, I am finishing my health treatments and in a year, I would like to see and taste the best coffee in the world. Safe trip to your next journey.

    Grace Kiddy on

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