7 Reasons Cold Brew is So Hot (and one new reason it will be your go-to-brew)

What’s so special about cold brew?

1. Smoother, sweeter taste. Heat is a great way to pull the flavor out of coffee beans; humanity has been doing that for centuries. But that heat also pulls out some bitter compounds that have many people reaching for the sugar canister and non-dairy creamer. The best flavors of coffee come out early in the steeping process (espresso nerds understand this, and usually prefer the sweeter “ristretto” half-shot to a double-volume “lungo”). For cold brew, that means you’ve got 8 to 12 hours to maximize flavor. Only after that will the coffee start to develop bitter notes.

2. Lower Acid. If you’ve got a sensitive stomach, or suffer from reflux, or just don’t like the “coffee tummy” that you get halfway through cup number four, try switching to cold brew. The heat of traditional brewing pulls more acidic compounds from the grounds, and those acids are the reasons a lot of people can’t drink coffee. Cold brew keeps most of those acids in the bean instead of your mug.

3. Higher caffeine. With hot brewing methods, there’s a limited amount of time that the water contacts the coffee — and that limits the amount of caffeine that can be extracted. (This is why espresso drinks, though they taste stronger, are lower in pick-me- up.) Cold brew, with its longer bean-to- water contact, allows more of the caffeine to infuse the brew.

4. Concentration. Because all the coffee is in contact with all the water all the time (unlike heat and pressure brewing) you can control the strength of the coffee by changing the grind-to- water ratio. That means you can brew to cup-strength, or make a concentrate that’s a bit more versatile.

5. Mixability. Did we say versatile? Your cold-brew concentrate can be diluted with water to make a standard cup of coffee, but there’s a world of possibility when you start strong. Add lots of milk (or soy or almond milk) to add some protein to your morning cuppa, and you’ll have more than just a coffee-flavored milk beverage. It’s also a great base for dessert concoctions like affogato, in recipes, and in boozy drinks. The more adventurous mix the concentrate with sparkling Italian lemonade, coconut water, or even stir in marshmallow creme.

6. Keeping it cold. Dilution is the enemy of every iced coffee lover. Three sips, and you’re left with a cup full of ice cubes. But with cold brew, the coffee-to-cube ratio can be kept high, and (if you’re patient) melting cubes can serve as your dilute. Cold brew concentrate also makes for great coffee ice cubes, which deliver a bonus drink as they melt away.

7. Everyday convenience. Cold brewing happens in the background. It’s a chore you can do ahead of time. Make a pitcher and store it in your fridge, and it’s always ready for an afternoon iced coffee, or to be popped into the microwave for a steaming hot cup. This is particularly handy for those of us who can’t be expected to do anything complicated (like run a coffee maker) before we’ve had our morning coffee.

Bonus: Brewing convenience. Cold brew wasn’t always easy. People developed all
sorts of elaborate contraptions to make coffee this way, including three-foot-tall hand-blown glass sculptures that drip melting ice water through grounds. But even at its simplest, filtering the grounds was a messy process. Barnie’s Coffee has solved that problem with our Cold Brew Coffee Pods. All you need is filtered water, a cup or a pitcher, and a little bit of time.

It’s the easiest, and most delicious, way to make coffee.

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