Coffee + Candy Pairing

Halloween – everyone’s favorite time of year to indulge in sweet candies, rich chocolates, and chewy treats. As a tradition here at Barnie’s Coffee & Tea, we love to pair our coffees with all time favorite candies. After all, you’re going to need your favorite coffee handy as you prepare for a long night of festivities. And just to make sure you get your own special treat- enjoy $2 dollars off these select coffees.

Almond Hershey + Cool Café Blues

Cool Café Blues rich nutty flavors & the sweet Hershey’s chocolate make for a sinfully delicious treat.

Mounds + Santa’s White Christmas®

The chocolatey, coconutty, candy is the perfect pair for our Santa’s White Christmas coffee. A little nutty, a bit sweet, and just the right amount of wonderful.

Snickers + Café Mocha Truffle

No witchcraft here. Barnie’s Café Mocha Truffle is the perfect potion to have with the chocolate, caramel, and nougat candy.

Reese’s + Barnie’s Cafe Blend

There’s no disguising that Barnie’s Cafe Blend's well-rounded character is the ultimate partner in crime to the sweet peanut butter and chocolate candy bar. 

Twix + Creamy Buttery Caramel

It doesn’t get much better than this. The caramel duo with a bit of crunch is the ultimate treat for all of your Halloween adventures.  

York Peppermint Patties + Peppermint Bark

This chilling duo’s cool minty flavors will have you dreaming of the season as we move from fall to winter. 



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