Keeping it Fresh: The Importance of Properly Storing Coffee Beans

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Guest Blogger: Katie McCree

The most important question: Can coffee beans go bad? And how do I tell if coffee beans are already bad?

The answer is, yes. Coffee beans can and will eventually go bad. As soon as coffee beans are roasted, they begin to lose their freshness. After about a month in proper storage, it’s a good idea to toss any unused beans, to ensure optimal freshness. 

Quick Tip: If your beans look glossy and leave a residue on your hands, those beans are fresh and perfect to consume!

How do I store coffee beans? 

The most important factors in coffee bean storage are avoiding light, oxygen, and heat. These three components can compromise the fresh taste of your beans, so finding a proper container to store them is of utmost importance. While it may be tempting to store beans in a clear container to show off their beauty, exposure to light is detrimental to the conservation of the bean’s freshness and longevity. Other important factors in container selection are finding an air-tight component and storing that component in a cool place. However, if that cool place is your refrigerator, you better stop there. Humidity is no friend to coffee beans, and a fridge generates an awful amount of it. Your countertop should be cool enough to store the beans, as long as the position you choose is not near an oven. A great option for coffee bean storage is a simple, stainless steel container, such as the ones below.

Storage Containers

Coffee is a critical point of our culture and a staple of most people’s diets. If you truly want to enjoy your cup of joe in the morning, proper storage is paramount to having a better cup.

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