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Introducing Our Newest Crop•Ex Coffee

Sumatra Queen Ketiara
By Dustin Fleming

About the Area:

Located on top of three tectonic plates, Indonesia is riddled with volcanic mountains that spread over the 17,000+ islands that make up for the countries land area. As far as seasons go there are only two: wet and dry, though intensities in those seasons vary. Our new Sumatra Queen Ketiara is grown in the northwest corner of Sumatra, one of the oldest and most stable growing regions in the world.


About the process:

Due to the fact that Indonesia gets up to 240 inches of rain each year, and rarely sees 3-4 consecutive days without it, they needed a process that didn’t require cherries to sit out in the sun for days—known as “Natural” processed. Indonesians developed a process called “Seed-dried” or “Wet-Hulled” which means they strip the beans of any mucilage (the outer skin), and let them dry out. This cuts the drying time by half and gives Indonesian coffee more body, less acidity and that distinct Indonesian taste.


About the coffee from the exporter:

“Ketiara Cooperative establish in 2009 by 38 person. In 2011 - after join the Fair Trade movement - We decided to restructure the overall organization into a 100% small farmer organization with total current member 1,979. Ibu Rahmah (our chairwomen) was the founder of this cooperative. She started the whole business as a small trader, that purchase a few kilos of cherries— hand processed, and later delivered to several traders that exist in the region. That was 20 years ago. Now, Ketiara sells mainly to local trader/exporter in average 70 metric tons per month. Almost worldwide recognizes traders and exporters from Medan, Sumatra, and have been sourcing their exported green beans from Ketiara members.”


About the taste:

This is a Sumatran coffee — it shouldn’t be judged the same way as say a washed Kenyan or a natural Colombian. The people of Indonesia developed a processing method that does affect the taste of the coffee and is culturally unique to this region in the world.

In short, this coffee is delicious. It has a very heavy body similar to a porter beer or whole milk that coats the mouth in such a way that you know you are drinking a good cup of coffee. Due to the wet-hulled process and volcanic soil, it tastes of earth and spice with a subtle sweetness. If brewed properly this coffee isn’t bitter but the black pepper/tobacco notes may be confused with bitterness. I highly recommend this coffee to anyone who likes a “bold” cup of coffee; brews with a French press or simply wants to try something new and exotic.

If you’re used to mild blends or are getting tired of super acidic light roasts, give this a try using the coupon code: ROASTERSCHOICE for a 15% discount.

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