Perk Up Your Summer: Our Coffee Guru Spills the Beans on Pistachio Ice Cream

Looking to shake up your summer? How does an iced cup of Pistachio Ice Cream coffee sound? Our team is constantly experimenting with new taste creations under the leadership of our Director of Coffee Programming, Dustin Finch. Dustin is proudly bringing back a fan favorite for Barnie’s limited-time flavored roast, just in time for National Ice Cream Month this July: Pistachio Ice Cream. We spent a few minutes with Dustin to learn a little bit more about the inspiration behind this cool, delectable flavor.

Can you tell us about your process in creating Pistachio Ice Cream?


We selected Pistachio Ice Cream a few years ago when we were looking for a groovy summer flavor. We had previous successes with other nutty flavors. Once we tasted the bright and sweet flavor of pistachio, we just knew we were on to something but needed the right base to make it all work together. The sweet vanilla cream base flows perfectly with it. It worked well then and we expect it to be another hit this summer.


With what food items do you think Pistachio Ice Cream goes best?


Just like savoring an ice cream cone, I would keep it very simple when it comes to pairing food – if any - with Pistachio Ice Cream in order to let the flavor combination shine through.


What did you do to make this flavor great?


We really focused on the flavor combinations. It would have been very easy to overpower the pistachio flavor. Since it's the first name of the blend and on the bag, it should be the first taste on the palette. Once we landed on the perfect ratio, it was just a matter of applying that to our classic Barnie’s Blend.


Why do you think this flavor will resonate with consumers? Why did you bring it back?


We brought this flavor back for two reasons: I kept asking for it, and so did our customers! Pistachio Ice Cream was by far my favorite flavor release of 2018, and I lobbied hard to give it another round. I hope our customers will appreciate the unique flavor profile it brings to their cup of coffee and that it will keep them in that groovy summer mood.

Pistachio Ice Cream flavored coffee


Based on your expertise is there anything else you'd like to share?


I would REALLY recommend brewing this coffee a little stronger than you otherwise would and making a perky iced coffee with Pistachio Ice Cream. If you use a thermal tumbler, it'll keep it cool all day, whether you're at your office or on the beach.


Everyone has a favorite Barnie’s Coffee flavor. While we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for Barnie’s classics like Santa’s White Christmas, why not branch out a bit and try a new nutty flavor? Hundreds of Barnie’s flavor fanatics can’t be wrong. Order your limited-edition bag of Pistachio Ice Cream coffee today! Savor our latest flavors by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter (@barniescoffee). #barniescoffeeandtea

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