We roast single origin, traceable coffees from around the globe with flavor in mind and passion in our hearts. We’re crafting eight to nine bags at a time, so we can perfect our craft and your coffee.

Buy Crop Ex Single Origin Coffee

If you're someone who craves a blend of authenticity and adventure, then our Crop Ex single origin coffee is the experience you've been waiting for. When you buy our Crop Ex coffee online, you'll be able to trace the taste back to its roots from family farms around the planet. On the exact day of roasting, our Crop Ex single origin coffee is bagged and dated to track its lifetime from bean to bag.

Buy Crop Ex Coffee Online, Support Coffee Kids

You do more than invest in your taste buds when you buy our Crop Ex single origin coffee — you also invest in youth. Barnie's is a proud partner of Coffee Kids, a non-profit organization that provides children with training, resources and mentorship as they embark on their coffee farming adventures.

Coffee Kids collaborates with communities to cultivate creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in future generations of coffee farmers. In fewer than three decades, they have reached over 200,000 coffee farming families in 400 communities across the globe.

We invite you to empower the social entrepreneur within yourself and let your coffee consumption to make a difference.

The Crop Ex Single Origin Coffee Process

When you buy our Crop Ex coffee online, you receive a bag of small-batch coffee. We craft this coffee in batches of eight to nine bags at a time to ensure you experience a perfectly curated cup of luxury. We roast only the most traceable and respectable coffee beans from around the world.

The art of roasting coffee dates back to the 11th century, today we use the same tried and true process that brought us the first cup. During our roasting process we made sure that we are not over developing the beans to produce a burnt or bitter coffee, but a smooth, rich, and balanced cup. We roast all our coffee in cast iron drums to guarantee that we can lock in and deliver the true flavor of the coffee bean. With passionate hearts and taste-worthy minds, we carefully guide coffee beans from the plant to your cup.

If you buy two or more 12-ounce bags of our Crop Ex coffee online, we'll cover the shipping.

Our Crop Ex Coffee Online Choices

From Costa Rica to Ethiopia, our coffees come from all over the world. Under every Crop Ex option, you will find information about the coffee's roots including:

  • Roast Level: Light, medium or dark.
  • Varietal: The variety of coffee bean used.
  • Process: Natural, wet-hulled, etc.
  • Origin: Where exactly the coffee beans come from.
  • Farm: The name of the family farm or farm collective that grew the coffee.
  • Altitude: At what elevation your coffee was grown.

The three start flavors of each roast are also included on the label. If you are an avid coffee drinker and aficionado, this information will help you select the perfect coffee for your taste buds.

Crop Ex Single Origin Coffee Favorites

If you're looking for a more global coffee experience, our Crop Ex coffees will bring worldwide adventure straight to your coffee cup.

Try out our Costa Rica La Sonora for a magical combination of dried strawberry, lemon and caramel. For chocolate lovers, we recommend our Colombia La Palmera featuring additional flavors notes of pecan and brown sugar. For those coffee drinkers seeking a truly mesmerizing coffee experience, our Hawaiian Kona Greenwell Farms will take you on a journey through smooth, sweet and bright perfection.

Are you ready to elevate your coffee drinking experience and give back to the world? Start shopping today.

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