Coffee Cake Coffee, DECAF

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A Little Bit of Coffee and a Little Bit of Cake

The street bands sang their ballads. Spoons and saucers chirped and clinked together. Lovebirds laughed their way down winding alleys. We wanted to put that corner café, and its cinnamony coffee cake, in our morning cup. So we gathered the choicest Arabica beans, roasted them to find that sweet, savory flavor you could cut with a fork. It may sound a little silly, but every batch we brew takes us right back, no matter where we set our mug.

  • Decaf
  • Naturally flavored
  • No sugar
  • Less than 5 calories per 6 ounce cup
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Medium roast

Contains no nuts or nut derivatives, no fat and is gluten-free

A Little Bit of Coffee and a Little Bit of Cake in Our Decaf Coffee Cake Coffee

Coffee cake in a cup? It may sound a little silly, but we wanted that sweet and savory flavor to infuse our Decaf Coffee Cake Coffee. With hints of chocolatey goodness and a rich, buttery taste, you'll find that each sip contains the atmosphere of your favorite corner café, where spoons and saucers chirp and clink. Made using only the choicest Arabica beans roasted to perfection, this concoction is coffee cake you can enjoy without a fork.

Indulge Your Senses Any Time With Barnie's Decaf Coffee Cake Coffee

There's nothing better than finding a great decaf coffee to brighten your day. When that coffee is reminiscent of a flavor you know and love, it makes it that much better. When you try our medium-roast blend, you'll want to stock your shelves at home and at work with this luscious selection.

Plus, since this Barnie's favorite comes in a decaffeinated variety, you can drink your cup of joe into the wee hours and still get a great night's rest.

Find the Perfect Pairings for Your Decaf Coffee Cake Coffee

If you're planning to invite a few people over for breakfast or brunch, Coffee Cake Coffee is the perfect addition to your drink menu. By choosing decaf, you'll make sure your guests can also enjoy any adult cocktails you wish to serve with no hesitation.

Coffee Cake Decaf Coffee pairs perfectly with a variety of different foods, bringing out new depths of flavor that you may not have noticed before:

Bake the Best Cake With Decaf Coffee Cake Coffee

If you're looking for a fun and simple way to spice up your favorite cake or bread recipes, our Coffee Cake Decaf Coffee is just the thing. If you're whipping up a dessert, just swap out water for coffee cake flavored decaf coffee.

You'll love the rich, buttery undertones, sweet cinnamony goodness and fresh-roasted feel. There's nothing better than coffee to up the wow factor on any baked goods recipe. Plus, as you make your dessert creation, you can sip on a mug full of your leftover Coffee Cake Decaf Coffee.

Give the Gift of Decaf Coffee Cake Medium Roast Coffee

Nowadays, there are more options than ever when it comes to gift-giving. Yet for some reason, it gets harder and harder to shop for loved ones. Whether it's a work colleague, your sister-in-law or one of the other coffee lovers in your life, they're sure to enjoy our variety of signature coffee blends.

As you create your own special gift basket, consider adding a decaf selection like our Coffee Cake Decaf Coffee so that your recipient can enjoy a mug full both day and night. Along with coffee, make sure your coffee gift set includes a mini coffee grinder, a French press or a stylish new mug.

Reasons to Adore Our Coffee Cake Decaf Coffee