Fair Trade Alliance Certified

Since excellent coffee beans come form a healthy earth, we think that taking a responsible role in managing our natural resources is essential.

An Empowered Cup of Coffee

Fair Trade Alliance CertifiedÔ is a market-based approach to sustainable development, intended to empower millions of disadvantaged producers throughout the world by providing them just compensation while protecting the environment.

Most family coffee farmers live in remote locations and lack access to credit. This often makes them vulnerable to brokers who offer to pay cash for their harvest but at a fraction of its value.

Your Contribution to a Better World

With your cup of Fair Trade certified coffee, you help farmers earn better incomes, hold on to their land and invest in quality. You are helping them build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities. Fair Trade guarantees them a minimum price and also links them directly with importers to help them create long-term sustainability. For more information about Fair Trade visit www.fairtradecertified.org.

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