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Café Mocha Truffle 10oz. Ground Coffee
$ 9.49

Café Mocha Truffle 10oz. Ground Coffee
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Decadent, Rich, and Chocolatey 

Ever have a craving for a piece of chocolate but don't want all the added calories or sugar? Our delicious Café Mocha ground flavored coffee delivers with a bold, rich chocolate aroma and a creamy "melt in your mouth" chocolate flavor that creates the perfect cup. This decadent chocolate flavored coffee combines our specialty Central and South American coffee beans with the natural flavors of rich decadent chocolate to create a luscious daily indulgence with no sugar and less than 5 calories per 6oz cup. Our Café Mocha coffee contains no nuts or nut derivatives, no fat and is gluten-free! Now available in our 10oz medium grind prepackaged coffee, 10oz. bags by the case and in our 10ct. Single Serve Cups for your convenience. Try a cup today!

Naturally Flavored 
    Product ratings
    Number of reviews : 7
    Average rating : 4.9 /5
    My favorite coffee flavor is cafe Mocha truffle! It is delicious!
    Just enough chocolate flavor not overbearing. Great with kahula in it & whipped cream on top for holidays.
    Delicious. You can't drink just one cup.
    This was a new flavor I was trying, I think it was good.
    This is my favorite flavor. Rich chocolate taste and no aftertaste.
    My headline says it all! I love the mocha flavored coffee but Barnie's takes it to a whole different level! Every sip delivers a nicely roasted taste that sends my taste buds looking for more! Its nicely roasted flavor sets this brand of Mocha infused coffee apart from all the rest! You have not had amazing coffee till you try this!