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Innovative flavored coffees. Whole bean and ground blends. Sustainably sourced, lovingly roasted, raring to brew.

Looking for a Barnie's classic?

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If you adore all things coffee and you're seeking even more novelty outside those standard coffee flavors, or you have a taste for adventure and love trying new flavors, we invite you to discover our innovative flavored coffees. Our whole bean and ground blends have been infused with premium flavors. These crafted selections come in a variety of wacky tastes, and each bag is filled to the brim with beans that are sustainably sourced, lovingly roasted and raring to brew.

Looking for a Barnie's classic coffee? We continue to carry all your favorite blends that have been fan favorites for generations.

Our Flavorful Journey

There once was a time when the only flavored coffee blends hitting the shelves were the same ho-hum choices — vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and chocolate. Don't get us wrong, these are classic combinations, but our love for delectable flavors could not be ignored. Who doesn't love a sumptuous slice of German Chocolate Cake or Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake?

We believe the only thing better than these mouth-watering bites is, well, coffee — after all, coffee is our first love. We don’t want to be just another boring French vanilla coffee sitting on the shelf. So, our creative spirit spurred us to explore new grounds and lead the pack in innovative flavored coffees.

We aren't the only ones who adore decadent coffee flavors — you love them, too. For 40 years, you've inspired us with outrageous and mouthwatering ideas for new flavors and added your own creativity to our products. That's why today, we can say with confidence that no one does flavor like Barnie's.

Flavored Whole Bean and Ground Coffee You Won't Soon Forget

When it comes to flavor, we aren't afraid to push the limits. Each of these premium bagged coffees offers a punch of flavor in every sip. We want to awaken your taste buds every morning with an innovative brew that's awesome, delicious, creative and completely one-of-a-kind.

All our flavored bagged coffee grounds use medium-roasted, 100% Arabica beans. Most of our selections allow you to choose between whole beans or ground coffee, and some are even available in decaf.

Our broad assortment of flavored Barnie's Coffee ranges from Blueberry Crumble Coffee and Salted Toffee to Café Mocha Truffle and tons of flavors in between. You're sure to find your new favorite brew when you give Barnie's gourmet flavored coffee a try.

Not sure which flavor will float your boat? Mix and match your own set of three or six bags to discover your perfect cup.

Buy Flavored Coffee Online

There's no need to come to our brick-and-mortar Florida location to experience our innovative flavored coffee, as all our Barnie's specialty selections are available for purchase online. For an adventure of flavor in your morning brew, start shopping today.