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Experience From Roasting Coffee For Over 35 Years

About Barnie's Coffee & Tea

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea was founded in 1980 with a mission to put amazing coffee within reach of everyone’s cup. During those three and a half decades of traveling the globe in search of the best beans, Barnie’s has won prizes at international coffee competitions and earned accolades for its proprietary blends and flavored coffees.

In world where a lot of people are passionate about coffee, Barnie’s stands apart. We don’t try to muscle one basic flavor of coffee into dominance through marketing. Nor do we indulge in holier-than-thou coffee snobbery, selling selections at exorbitant prices. We believe in delivering the perfect cup for you, whether it’s an everyday drink, a special occasion roast, or a celebratory seasonal blend.

We believe that when you smell and taste a great cup of coffee, it can send you on a journey to the thrilling unknown, or to the comforting past, or to an empowered future — even if that future only lasts until noon. With Barnie’s, every cup is an adventure.

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