Talking with Scott Uguccioni, VP of Sales at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen®

How To Drive Holiday Sales In Your Center Store with Santa’s White Christmas® Flavored Coffee Merchandisers

Q: Why is Santa’s White Christmas so popular?

A: This year our proprietary Santa’s
White Christmas coffee celebrates its 20th anniversary. It’s a year-round best seller because of its memorable blend of vanilla, caramel, coconut & mixed nut flavors.
Coffee enthusiasts across the nation
enjoy it all year – but especially in the holiday season.


Q: Why did you create a Santa’s White Christmas merchandising display unit?

A: Based on the popularity of this item, this merchandiser is the perfect vehicle to generate excitement & introduce new customers to this beloved product, accelerating sales in your center store.
This has been a successful program for years at one of our major retailers – and we’re excited to introduce it nationally.


Q: What kind of revenues will this merchandiser generate?

A: Each shipper is packed at 48 units of either ground or single serve coffee. With an SRP of $8.99 that’s a total of $431.52 in revenue for one foot of floor space.


Q: What was the design approach on the display?

A: The bright red color catches the consumer in just moments – drawing
them into the 20th anniversary celebration.
It quickly engages shoppers with the holiday spirit. It features stars, ornaments & even our own iconic trademarked Santa Claus. This display is available for bagged or single serve coffees and we recommend bringing in both formats during the holiday season for greatest impact.


Q: What other flavored coffees complement Santa’s White Christmas?

A: As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen is known for our propriety flavors, product innovations & legendary quality. Adding our proprietary Café au Chocolat, Crème Brûlée, Hawaiian Hazelnut & Cool Café Blues® flavored coffees to store shelves will add to your assortment. These items will round out the offering for your shoppers & further drive sales in your center store.

For more information, contact Scott at or 407.854.6612