What are Micro Roast Coffees


    What are Micro Roast?

    Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen is unique in the coffee world, in that we offer a deliciously exclusive selection of delightful micro roast coffees. We give extra care and focus to these coffees delivering a flavor profile that is exceptional and memorable.  Our online shopping experience presents you with a fascinating variety of micro roast coffees.


    A Micro roasted Coffee Overview

    Micro roast coffees are derived from small roast batches of between 5 and 10 pounds of single origin coffee beans. Close attention is given to the roast profile based on where the coffee is grown, the type of plant varietal, how the coffee was processed and the characteristics of the coffee.  In roasting these coffees our goal is to maximize the sweetness of the coffee by caramelizing the sugars without burning the coffee, have a balance between the acidity and body, and highlight the individual flavor characteristics of each coffee.




    In The Hands of Masters

    Our Master Roaster and VP of Coffee, Anne Valdez, along with her roasting team are responsible for roasting perfection. They use state-of-the-art equipment along with their keen eye for managing the roasting process to deliver the flawless coffee roast.

    Anne Valdez has more than 25 years of experience in the international coffee scene. She is an authority on everything coffee, from sourcing to roasting to brewing and everything in between. Anne is known around the world as a coffee expert and has even been chosen as an international judge for the Cup of Excellence (the world’s preeminent coffee competition) five times.

    Handcrafted perfection

    We have made these micro-lot, locally roasted coffees available to you online. Once you place your order, our micro roast roasting team receives your order and roasts it fresh – specifically for you. This way you get the highest quality and fresh roasted coffee at your door.

    If you haven’t tried a micro roast coffee – we encourage you to check it out and drink one of your most memorable cups of coffee.