Blueberry Pie Coffee, DECAF (Limited Time Flavor)

Blueberry Pie Coffee, DECAF (Limited Time Flavor)

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Treat yourself to the tastes of grandma's best homemade blueberry pie- now in a cup of coffee. Blueberry Pie Coffee is here to satisfy your fruit dessert cravings morning, noon or night.

  • Blueberry, vanilla, cinnamon meet smooth medium roast
  • Limited edition seasonal coffee blend
  • Sweet bakery flavors in a cup

Every sip delivers the sweet tang of plump, ripe blueberries complemented by warm vanilla, a dash of cinnamon, and cakey undertones. The medium roast coffee balances the sugary blueberry flavors with its robust, smooth body. Close your eyes and let this coffee take you back to grandma's kitchen on a lazy summer day.

For blueberry pie aficionados who want that nostalgic flavor anytime, Blueberry Pie Coffee makes the perfect dessert drink. One sip and you'll be transported back to the days of fresh blueberry picking and homemade pie.


  • Nutritional Facts

    • Naturally and artificially flavored
    • No sugar
    • Less than 5 calories per ounce cup
    • 100% Arabica coffee
    • Medium roast
    • Available in ground only