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Burundi Karinzi Ngoma
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Burundi Karinzi Ngoma
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Flavor Profile: A bright sweet coffee with chocolate aromatics, berry citrus flavor notes and a full body

Origin: Burundi
Co-op: Karinzi Washing Station
Altitude: 5,700 ft.
Varietal: Bourbon, Jackson and Mibirizi

Barnie’s first discovered Burundi in 2000 at the end of the Gourmet Project. The project was launched in 1997 with the objectives of increasing earnings of producing countries and reducing their economic vulnerability on the commodities market through the stimulation of better quality coffee and effective marketing. The Gourmet Project had five participating producing countries, several international organizations and key markets including Japan, Europe and the United States. Prior to the Gourmet Project coffee from Burundi did not exist in the key markets of Japan, Europe and the United States.

Burundi has an ideal terrain for the cultivation of coffee however the logistics of exporting coffee are hampered by being a landlocked country. Coffee is produced by small holder farmers. These small holder farmers tend to around 50 to 250 trees on their land. To understand how small these farms are, one needs to understand that one coffee tree produces only one to two pounds of coffee annually. Each farmer brings their coffee to a washing station or collection point where the coffee is washed and dried. Until recently the stations would blend all of the coffee together. Today the washing stations have the ability to separate each producer’s coffee. By separating the coffees, the higher quality coffees are identified and marketed as a purely specialty coffee.

Our coffee comes from the Karinzi Washing Station located in the town of Kayanza, in the Kayanza Province of Burundi. There are approximately 1,500 producers who contribute to the Karinzi Washing Station. The coffees are from the Bourbon varietal family. The Bourbon, Jackson and Mibirizi varietals contribute to the fruit flavors of the coffee, the washed process highlights the clean bright acidity and the terrains brings out the body of the coffee. Overall this is a well balanced coffee.