Coffee Cake Ground - Create Your Own

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Coffee Cake Medium Roast

Are you a morning coffee drinker, afternoon indulger or all-around lover of a satisfying cup? When you're a true coffee drinker, the time of day doesn't matter — but the flavor, texture and tones of your brew certainly do. When you adore coffee like we do, you understand that it's more than a drink you can guzzle down without savoring — it's an experience of the senses, and only the very best brews can bring you to that blissful happy place.

Here at Barnie's Coffee & Tea Co., we dedicate our business to brewing up bliss. In each one of our unique, indulgent coffee blends, we aim to embody an experience that warms you with every sip.

What could be better than your daily cup of coffee? Chocolate-flavored gourmet coffee in an original coffee cake blend. Our Coffee Cake coffee is heaven in a cup — once you've had a sip, we know you'll be pouring yourself another.

A Little Bit of Coffee and a Little Bit of Cake

The street bands sang their ballads. Spoons and saucers chirped and clinked together. Lovebirds laughed their way down winding alleys. We wanted to put that corner café, and its chocolatey coffee cake, in our morning cup. So we gathered the choicest Arabica beans, roasted them to find that sweet, savory flavor you could cut with a fork. It may sound a little silly, but every batch we brew takes us right back, no matter where we set our mug.

Our imaginations, explorations and love for innovative flavor have helped us arrive at the best coffee cake blend you've ever tasted. This is what you can expect in every cup of our coffee cake medium roast:

Savoring a sweet cup of this coffee cake blend is good for your taste buds and good for your diet. Why? Because Barnie's makes sure every bag is gluten-free, fat-free and free of nuts and nut derivatives. Enjoy every cup with confidence.

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When you're on a mission for flavor, innovation and the ultimate satisfaction, there's nothing like a cup of Barnie's coffee. Founded in 1980 as a brick and mortar storefront — and growing to become one of the most unique coffee innovators around — Barnie's Coffee & Tea Co. is built around a love for unique coffee. With the highest quality of ingredients from our explorations around the world, we make each brew with careful creativity to suit your tastes.

In every cup of Barnie's coffee, you'll taste fascination, excitement, inspiration and the smoothest balance of original flavors. Explore the possibilities by purchasing our Coffee Cake coffee online today.