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Guatemala Finca Providencia
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Guatemala Finca Providencia
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Green Apple, Malted Milk Ball, and Sharp Acidity 

Looking to take your coffee experience to the next level? This is a light bodied coffee with a crisp acidity level reminiscent of a granny smith apple. A very familiar and distinct malted milk ball-like sweetness shines through the help balance the sweet and acidic flavors.  

Roast Level: Medium
Bourbon, Catuai and Pacamara
Farm: Guatemala Huehuetenango
Finca Providencia 

Finca La Providencia is located high in the mountains near San Pedro Necta in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. The Palacios family have owned the farm since 1954 and has been passed down 3 generations; a trend that will continue with the current owner's son no doubt. 

The farm’s location and elevation is optimal for growing high-quality coffee with its altitude, water resources, and rich soil but that isn’t to say there aren’t challenged. The topography of the farm is very irregular which makes the actual harvesting very laborious. The soil is rich with nutrients but also made of clay which makes it susceptible to erosion which is why a third of the farm is kept under a natural forest of which’s roots help stabilize the ground.

Most of the coffee produced here is washed using eco-pulpers which help reduce the overall water waste from the processing of the coffee.

Sold in 12oz bags of whole bean or your choice of grind level. 

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Love the Guatemala Finca. I tend to like bolder coffee and this fits the bill. It has a great flavor.