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Dark Chocolate, Toffee, and Black Cherry

Subtle notes of black cherry balance the bitterness of dark chocolate that dominates the cup, while smooth caramel notes round out the sharp edges of both. 

Roast Level: Medium
San Juan, Honduras
Farm: Estate of Abelardo Reyes
Altitude: 4,600 FT

Honduras is the 6th largest coffee producer by volume in the world following behind Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. It is unique in that the diversity of coffee varietals, processing methods, altitudes, micro-climates and everything else terroir related. Rainfall and humidity will vary greatly depending on what region you are in which has caused coffee producers to adapt regionally. Honduras has had its fair share of difficulty in recent years between the high poverty rates and coffee leaf rust but it keeps adapting to each situation and has managed to still increase its specialty coffee market.

Sold in 12oz bags of whole bean or your choice of grind level. 

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