Tanzanian Tweega Peaberry
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Tanzanian Tweega Peaberry
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Cup Characteristics: Clean bright and balanced with hints of tangerine, apple and lemon finished with a silky smooth body.

Country of Origin: Tanzania                                

Farm and Co-op: Tembo Coffee Company

Altitude: 4,600 – 6,600 ft

Annual Production of the lot: 40,000 lbs

Plant Varietal: Bourbon and Typica

Description: Clean bright and balanced with hints of tangerine, apple and lemon finished with a silky smooth body.

Mood: Intrigue

Tanzania is known for producing some of the best peaberry coffee in Africa. The Tanzanian Tweega Peaberry are grown by small holder farmers in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania Mbeya region. These small holder farms average only 500 trees on their farm. Once harvested the farmers deliver their cherries to the Tembo Coffee Company. Tembo is a community washing station with 10,000 members. The membership provides the farmer with a place to process their coffee, bring their coffee to the market place, opportunities to learn how their coffee can be improved. The farmers can have their coffee analyzed by a staff of internationally accredited cuppers which ultimately brings a higher price for to the farmer.

Peaberries are prized for their intense flavor. The Peaberries are an anomaly in the development of the coffee cherry and only occur in 10% of the coffee cherries. Instead of 2 seeds or beans forming in the cherry only one if formed. The intensity in the flavor comes from the cherry nourishing just one seed instead of two.

Tanzanian soil is perfect to grow healthy coffee plants and contributes to a balanced acidity in the cup. The fertile volcanic soil of the Southern Highlands is lightly acidic, rich in nitrogen, potassium and magnesium. After harvesting the coffee, the coffee beans go through a wet process and then are sun dried on African beds, which creates a very clean tasting cup of coffee. The Bourbon and Typica plant varieties add sweetness to the coffee. The resulting cup is well balanced and rounded with hints of tangerine, apple and lemon.

Sold in 12oz bags of whole bean coffee.