Meetup at Barnie's

You can almost smell the coffee from here, right?! This month we've celebrated Barnie's Coffee and its 43-year-old company with our locals right here in Winter Park, FL. Our flagship cafe on Park Avenue is where it ALL began. 

Barnie's Coffee Cafe is located at 118 S Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL. It's where Barnie's Coffee baristas will provide you with flavored and single-origin coffees, but also their talented Chef will whip up something special from Barnie's food menu. 

Barnie's Cafe offers an elevated coffee experience with delicious menu options for weekdays and weekend brunch. Located in the center of Park Avenue, Barnie's Cafe offers a scenic Grenada Court with a beautiful dolphin fountain that will have you snapping photos in no time. 


"It's the iconic teal umbrellas for me! They really bring out the color on the avenue and I believe Barnie's cafe is an extraordinary scenery for many photographers because it's just insanely beautiful. Everyone wants it as their backdrop for their photos or even in this case for their paintings and who can blame them?!" said Marketing Director, Shannon Wolfgang.

Meet one of the Winter Park Paint Out artists, Morgan Samuel Price, who painted the cover image of "Meetup at Barnie's" for the Winter Park Magazine's Spring 2024 issue. 

The annual Winter Park Paint Out was an event held at the end of April and it was wonderful to see how our local painters saw the gem of Barnie's Coffee that we have on the Avenue.

Shall we Meetup at Barnie's for a coffee?

Bold Coffee Creations

  • Barnie’s Espresso Martini

    Barnie’s Espresso Martini

  • Iced Coffee Margarita

    Iced Coffee Margarita

  • Eggspresso