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It all started with our first love...coffee.

Well, we guess you expect us to say that, given we’re in the coffee business. But if we’re being transparent here, it started because of our love for scrumptious, delectable, decadent flavors. Think about it. Who doesn’t love the taste of rich chocolate or buttery caramel or sinfully sumptuous cinnamon. The only thing better than these mouth-watering flavors is coffee...that tastes just like them. And that's where this story truly begins.

  • I love to indulge myself with these wonderful dessert flavored coffees! Smooth, never bitter, and the flavors are true.
    - Teresa S.
  • I love Barnie’s coffee! In fact, I love it so much I’ve been gifting it to my fellow coffee drinking friends.
    - Brenda B.
  • Nothing lifts me up and makes me feel at home as much as the smell of Santa's White Christmas.
    - Gail C.
  • Barnie's coffees make each day better. I love waking up to the smell of Barnie's brewing and savoring the taste!
    - Susan A.
  • I am loving your coffee! So glad I found this site. The Cool Café Blues is just heavenly.
    - Loretta G.

We started our journey nearly 40 years ago inspired to create the most dramatically delicious coffee in the world. We soon found out that we weren’t the only ones that loved scrumptious, delectable, decadent flavors. You loved them too! And that’s where you come in, our “why,” the reason we get up every day and do what we do. Our first brick and mortar store opened in 1980; from there, we grew with YOU taking us forward. You see, we believe that a brand doesn’t build itself, but instead, is co-created with its fans. What we are today is a result of the values we share with each other: respect, collaboration and honesty.

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Wherever we’ve traveled, from cafés to your favorite grocers, from memories made over that one cup of coffee to outrageously, amazingly mouthwatering ideas for new flavors—your co-creativity is what continues to keep us relevant. Today, because of your loyalty to us since the day we brewed our first cup of coffee, Barnie’s Coffee has become a household name and synonymous with these words: awesome, delicious, creative and unique (did we say delicious?). And that is why we can confidently say, no one does flavor like us—no one.

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Pouring Strong: A Barnie's Coffee Story