A Taste of Simpler Times: Introducing our Butterscotch Latte Coffee

Our new Butterscotch Latte will make you feel like a royal, too!

Butterscotch Latte Blondies featuring Butterscotch Latte Coffee

The yumminess of butterscotch chips and brown sugar perfectly combined for a treat YOU deserve.

Butterscotch Latte Cocktail featuring Butterscotch Latte Coffee

The smooth combination of butterscotch and creamy liqueurs is perfect for an afternoon cocktail or after-dinner treat.  

Chocolate Cherry Coffee Cake featuring Sweetheart Blend Coffee

The combination of chocolate and cherries is so simply decadent that this dessert has many fooled.

Chocolate Cherry Coffee Cupcakes featuring Barnie’s Sweetheart Blend Coffee

If you like chocolate-covered cherries, you are going to love these Chocolate Cherry Coffee Cupcakes.

Santa's White Christmas Tiramisu

Need a last-minute dessert on the Christmas table? Try whipping up this quick tiramisu that requires no cooking.

Santa's White Christmas Milkshake

Take your taste buds on a Santa’s Sleigh Ride this year with our Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas Milkshake. 

Barnie’s Easy Apple Pie

Planning a Thanksgiving menu can be overwhelming at times. We all have our favorite recipes for staples that we turn to year after year, but it's also fun to shake...

Barnie’s Pumpkin Spice Affogato

Take yourself to Italy, but with an added Fall spin with our Pumpkin Spice Affogato.

Barnie’s Mini Gingerbread Cookie Coffee Cups

Taste the holidays with our Gingerbread Cookie Coffee Cups that are perfect for a mini little treat.