Sip on This! Did you know coffee is a plant?

Happy Earth Day from Barnie's Coffee! We're here to teach you all about the facts on our coffee in perfect celebration for Earth Day. 

Lots of questions arise when we speak about our story and where Barnie's Coffee comes from. We started with our Barnie's Cafe Blend as our base for any flavored coffee. The farms we source for Barnie's Cafe Blend are from Honduras and Brazil - this blend makes up our highest quality bean and produces the best-tasting coffee Barnie's has to offer. 

We first source what farm we'd like our coffee crop to come from. Then, we speak to our coffee trader and farmer and purchase green coffee from them. After purchase, the green coffee is then sent in large burlap bags to Barnie's Production Center right here in Central Florida. In Orlando, our head roaster Christian will perfect his batch and roast, and then other Barnie's staff will flavor the beans. After roasting and flavoring to Barnie's perfection, our coffee is hand-packaged into our white whimsical coffee bags with Barnie himself, and then sent directly to your home! 

We use 100% Arabica Coffee and it's a species of flowering plant in the coffee and madder family Rubiaceae. It is believed to be the first species of coffee to have been cultivated and is the dominant cultivar, representing about 60% of global production. 

Coffee is a fruit. Coffee trees are covered with green waxy leaves while coffee cherries grow along the branches. It takes nearly a year for a coffee cherry to mature after its first flowering, and about 5 years of growth to reach full fruit production. The average coffee tree produces 10 pounds of coffee cherry per year or 2 pounds of green beans. The trees grow best in rich soil, mild temperatures, frequent rain, and shaded sun. 

We hope all of you enjoy your Earth Day and enjoy your cup of coffee from Barnie's!


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