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Spiced Chai Iced Coffee

Cool off this summer with Barnie's Spiced Chai Iced Coffee, a refreshing twist on one of our limited time flavors. The flavors of caramel, nutmeg, and allspice combined with cream will create a milky-sweet treat, you won't want to put down. The perfect morning indulgence (that you don't have to feel guilty about). 
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Mocha Shakerato Cold Brew Recipe

Introducing Barnie’s Cold Brew Mocha Shakerato. A chocolatey, sweet beverage that can satisfy any sweet tooth. Barnie’s Shakerato highlights the natural chocolate taste of coffee by adding a touch of chocolate and shaking for texture. Perfect for a midday pick-me-up, or a post dinner drink.
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Mazagran Cold Brew Recipe

Looking to kick up your cold brew? Our newest cold brew recipe, also known as a Mazagran, is one for the books. This perfect-for-summer-drink offers the smooth balanced flavor of cold brew, mixed with the refreshing tartness of lemonade...
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Mexican Cold Brew Coffee

Kick your cold brew up a notch just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Our smooth, sweet, and delicious cold brew mixed with some of our favorite spices make for the perfect sweet and spicy drink for all of your Cinco de Mayo festivities (or, post festivities).
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7 Reasons Cold Brew is So Hot (and one new reason it will be your go-to-brew)

What’s so special about cold brew?

1. Smoother, sweeter taste. Heat is a great way to pull the flavor out of coffee beans; humanity has been doing that for centuries. But that heat also pulls out some bitter compounds that have many people reaching for the sugar canister and non-dairy creamer. The best flavors of coffee come out early in the steeping process...
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