Get Up and Go: Coffee and Morning Exercise

If there's one thing that's certain after entering the new year – it's that everyone wants to start off the year with their best foot forward. For a lot of people, this means incorporating an exercise into their daily routine. Maybe it’s a brisk walk as the sun comes up, or maybe it’s a full-blown run or heart-pounding bike ride. It’s winter now, which means things have cooled off and it’s a great time to get some morning exercise. 
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Coffee Punch: The Perfect Party Treat

Coffee punch is, at its simplest, a cold version of the classic Italian beverage affogato — a small scoop of vanilla gelato topped with a hot shot of espresso. Scaled up to party size and served in a punch bowl, it becomes a mega-sized coffee drink for your guests to enjoy by the ladle-full.

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Coffee for Crowds

At any gathering with food, you’ll want to make sure that there’s coffee available. Good coffee, made in a way that doesn’t pull you out of the conversation for half an hour, or 
leave your guests waiting while your coffee maker drips and hisses. And Barnie’s has you covered. All it takes is a little prep — and we’re not talking about picking up cardboard cartons of swill from your local donut shop.
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Spice and Coffee: Squashing some rumors

Chicory? Check. Cardamom? Check, too. And butter and evaporated milk and
coconut oil and almond extract and a whole rainbow of flavorings at your local
coffee bar. These are things that bring out the subtle flavors of coffee.....

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Coffee + Candy Pairing

Halloween – everyone’s favorite time of year to indulge in sweet candies, rich chocolates, and chewy treats. As a tradition here at Barnie’s Coffee & Tea, we love to pair our coffees with all time favorite candies. After all, you’re going to need your favorite coffee handy as you prepare for a long night of festivities. And just to make sure you get your own special treat-
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