9 Reindeer Ways to Indulge in Barnie's Santa's White Christmas Flavor

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Company’s famous Santa's White Christmas Coffee is getting quite the flavor exposure and attention these days that it deserves because when something tastes this good, it should be shared with everyone! Check out the 9 Reindeer Ways to Indulge in Santa’s White Christmas flavor (in no particular order) as we collaborate with locals, come up with recipes ourselves, or just try something new with you.


  1. Santa’s White Christmas Ice Cream at Publix 
    Fans can find Santa's White Christmas Ice Cream at your local neighborhood Publix for a limited time only during the Winter months of the year.
  2. Santa’s White Christmas Affogato
    Barnie’s Coffee collaborated with Chef Trina Gregory to bring you the Santa’s White Christmas brownie served both in Se7em Bites and Barnie’s Cafe locations. Then we topped it with the Publix Ice Cream and our coffee and Oh my goodness it’s the magical Santa’s White Christmas you’ve been hoping for. 

    Find the Barnie’s SWC Affogato and more at our cafe in Winter Park, FL: https://www.barniescoffee.com/pages/our-cafe
  3. Santa’s White Christmas Latte at Barnie’s Coffee Cafe 
    Sip on a delicious Santa’s White Christmas Latte all year round at the Barnie’s Coffee Cafe in Winter Park on Park Avenue. 

    Check out the menus, and more on Barnie’s Coffee website: https://www.barniescoffee.com/pages/our-cafe

  4. Santa’s White Christmas Stout at Ten10 Brewing 
    Barnie’s Coffee collaborates with Ten10 Brewing Company here locally in Orlando, FL to create the Santa’s White Christmas Stout. Served during Christmas and now for Christmas in July.

    Meet our collaborators at Ten10 Brewing Company:

  5. Santa’s White Christmas Tiramisu 
    Created and Crafted by a little elf themselves, Shannon Wolfgang creates the Santa’s White Christmas Tiramisu recipe that you must try for your holiday gathering this year.

    Find the full recipe on our Barnie’s blog: https://www.barniescoffee.com/blogs/recipes/santas-white-christmas-tiramisu

  6. Santa’s White Christmas Cake
    During the Winter months of 2023, a little elf got back in the kitchen to produce Santa's White Christmas cake recipe.

    Try for yourself on Barnie’s blog today: https://www.barniescoffee.com/blogs/recipes/santas-white-christmas-cake

  7. Santa’s White Christmas Red Velvet Cookie
    Try chef Trina Gregory’s recipe yourself. She gave you the secret on Barnie’s blog at: https://www.barniescoffee.com/blogs/recipes/santas-white-christmas-cookie

    Meet our collaborators at Se7en Bites: http://www.se7enbites.com

  8. Santa’s White Christmas Mocha 
    Want to try the Santa’s White Christmas flavor with a little chocolate? Introducing the Santa’s White Christmas Mocha recipe we crafted a few years ago just for you!

    Create the recipe: https://www.barniescoffee.com/blogs/recipes/santa-s-white-christmas-mocha-recipe

  9. Santa’s White Christmas Milkshake
    Dreaming of a Santa’s White Christmas, but always wanted to try the flavor in a milkshake? We’re here to tell you it works and tastes just incredible!

    Join in on the fun: https://www.barniescoffee.com/blogs/recipes/santas-white-christmas-milkshake

Barnie's Coffee & Tea Company hopes you have a magical Santa’s White Christmas just as you’ve been dreaming of all year. Happy Holidays from Barnie's Coffee and Sip Sip Hooray for 2024!

About Barnie's Coffee & Tea Co.
Since 1980, Barnie's Coffee & Tea Company has grown to become an icon in the coffee industry. We are known for quality, locally sourced beans from family farms around the world. Barnie’s Coffee is known for flavor, especially its Santa’s White Christmas coffee. Brewing 10.4 million cups alone in just 2023, Santa’s White Christmas is widely successful year-round. We are proud of our history and have developed a brand with more than 200,000 loyal customers. 

To find your flavor, visit www.www.barniescoffee.com, and follow the beloved coffee roaster on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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