Surfing Santas Event in Cocoa Beach features Barnie's Santa's White Christmas Cold Brew

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Company’s famous Santa's White Christmas Cold Brew was served at the annual event for Surfing Santas this past Sunday, Christmas Eve 2023. After sampling and donating our Santa’s White Christmas Cold Brew Coffee to the Santa, Grinch, and Reindeer crowds, we also offered one hot cup of coffee for Christmas morning in our single-serve cups as a free takeaway stocking stuffer.     

Barnie’s Coffee served Santa’s White Christmas Cold Brew Coffee at the Annual Surfing Santas Event in Cocoa Beach next to Mike Rogers with Grind for Life, a local charity organization benefiting cancer patients. 

“I loved being a part of this event where we could serve our Santa’s White Christmas Cold Brew, plus offer a hot cup of coffee for Christmas morning. It truly made my heart happy. It was totally epic to meet different Surfing Santas from all over the world!” said Barnie’s Coffee Multimedia Manager Shannon Wolfgang.

Surfing Santas is a great way to ride the waves into the next year while raising funds in Central Florida where all donations go to Grind for Life. Grind for Life is a local organization benefiting those suffering from cancer. Learn more:

The tradition started back in 2009 when George Trosset and his son George Jr. went surfing in a Santa suit and an elf costume on Christmas Eve. The crowd this year was the biggest one yet as it's quite obvious how fast this tradition is starting to grow over the years.

We hope to see some new faces next year, too!

About Barnie's Coffee & Tea Co.
Since 1980, Barnie's Coffee & Tea Company has grown to become an icon in the coffee industry. We are known for quality, locally sourced beans from family farms around the world. Barnie’s Coffee is known for flavor, especially its Santa’s White Christmas coffee. Brewing 10.4 million cups alone in just 2023, Santa’s White Christmas is widely successful year-round. We are proud of our history and have developed a brand with more than 200,000 loyal customers. 

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