Barnie's Latte Art is our Love Language!

It's National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day and what better way to celebrate, but with Latte Art at Barnie's Coffee. Coffee is our LOVE LANGUAGE. Let's explore the 5 variations of art you can make at your next visit to our Barnie's cafe. Shall we?

Our barista's at Barnie's cafe in Winter Park, FL claim there's two key ingredients to make a perfect latte and three basic phases to it. You must make sure to make the perfect foam, pulling your espresso and be sure to pour your milk properly. Once you master these steps, you're a true artist. 

1. HEART LATTE ART - Sharing the LOVE in everything we do by making hearts in our lattes for our local coffee fans. We love sipping away with you at Barnie's Coffee everyday enjoying and exploring new flavors and making memories together. 

- Craving something classic? We got you! Try asking for a Rosetta in your latte to make you smile. Our fully-skilled baristas on Park Avenue are ready to serve you with something classic to inspire your heart today and always.  
3. SWAN LATTE ART - Celebrating our local city of Orlando and the SWAN-DERFUL place we live. Check out the latte inspired by the city of Central Florida with our swans inside our latte art.  

- Celebrating the latest full moon of 2024 on January 25th - the Wolf Moon, we asked our latte artists to create something fierce and with a lot of practice and determination they did exactly that. 

 - Celebrating Spring and the seasons ahead with our floral designs in our coffee is one way to make our coffee sippers happy. Try a latte inspired by the season today. 
Remember it takes time to master the proper pour, but once achieved its truly something unforgettable and memorable. That's what we always strive to be for you at Barnie's Coffee. We want to make a lasting impact. Happy #NationalInspireYourHeartwithArt Day and thanks for celebrating with us.

Bold Coffee Creations