Barnie's Coffee participates in the 2023 Orlando Coffee Fest

For the love of Coffee and well our job over this past weekend we haven't slept in days! Literally. The 2023 Orlando Coffee Fest was a highly caffeinated event with excitement leading us into 2024 and eye opening for so many reasons. 

Here's our Top 10:
1. Work for a company who values their employees. (Thanks for a fantastic event overall and for signing up Barnie's Coffee employees to go.)

2. Learn. Learn. Learn. (talk to farmers, roasters, coffee equipment sales, flavor experts, and so much more!) 

3. Drink a lot of different styles of coffee for inspiration, but always stay true to yourself! (Deja Brew)

4. Try something NEW like for us it was the CHAGA CCINO. (mushroom coffee)

5. Participate in a Speaker Panel. (Thanks to our CEO Ron Pecora)

6. Get out of your comfort zone with flavor with our Director of Operations Adriana Henderson.

7. Watch coffee cuppings with people from all around the world at Cafe Imports Cupping Corner.

8. Meet Artists like Matt Wills @mattcwills from San Francisco who illustrates for the Torani products. (Thanks Matt! Multimedia Producer Shannon Wolfgang enjoyed the conversations) 

9. Watch a highly anticipated latte art competition for 2023 with incredible artists.

10. Meet NEW people and most importantly have fun!!

Brew yourself a flavor and join us in signing up for 2024 Coffee Fest, yes? 

Bold Coffee Creations

  • Barnie’s Espresso Martini

    Barnie’s Espresso Martini

  • Iced Coffee Margarita

    Iced Coffee Margarita

  • Eggspresso