Single Serve Brewing

Single serve coffee options are a wonderful way to have quick, convenient and high-quality coffee.

Here are some key points to making your single serve cup perfect:

1)    Since coffee is made up mostly of water, make sure you are using filtered or bottled water.  The better the water tastes, the better the coffee. Do not use distilled water!

2)    Make sure the single serve cups are within the “best by” date range.  Fresh coffee makes all the difference!

3)    Clean your machine regularly. Follow the maintenance guide in the brewer’s manual for details based on the specific kind of machine you use.

4)    Take the opportunity to clean the water reservoir before refilling each time with a little bit of soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly!

5)    If water has been sitting in the reservoir for more than 24 hours, dispense, rinse and add new water.  Fresh, filtered water is the key to brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

6)    When switching varieties of coffee (or using tea, cocoa or non-coffee products) perform a cleansing brew to ensure the maker is cleared of other flavor profiles.

7)    Descale your brewer every 3-6 months (based on usage). Refer to your manual for details.

8)    Make sure you brew with the appropriate setting.  Our single-serve cups taste best when you brew with an 8oz setting.

9)    Experiment with different flavors. That is one of the joys of the single serve coffee option!

A great tip: if serving hot coffee, warm your cup with hot water (or microwave)!  This will add to the overall great taste experience and keep your cup from growing cold so fast.