10lb Tucano Espresso
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10lb Tucano Espresso
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Barnie's CoffeeKitchen's signature Rainforest Alliance Certified(TM) Tucano Espresso is a perfectly balanced custom blend sourced from Brazil's Daterra farms. Coffee beans for the Tucano Espresso have a great heritage, coming from the largest coffee farm in the world - both in square footage and output. While these two farms are the largest producers of coffee they have dedicated about 1/3 of the farm to natural habitat. Pulled daily within our cafes, our Tucano is medium roasted to acheive a smooth, full flavored coffee that effortlessly lends itself to any style of brewing. Shots provide a creamy body, chocolate notes, and a pleasantly noticeable acidity all wrapped up with a caramelized finish. Its name was created to honor the wild spirit of the Toco Tucan, who calls the rainforests of Brazil home.
Creamy body, Chocolaty, Caramelized finish