Ethiopian Guji Adola
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Ethiopian Guji Adola
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Ethiopia is the origin of all coffee in the world; legend has it that a goat herder first discovered it when he noticed that his goats were dancing after eating a specific berry. Fast forward 600 years and it is now the second most traded commodity in the world.

Guji is a zone in the Oromia region of southern Ethiopia and is responsible for producing over 50% of Ethiopia’s total coffee output. Each region is made up of woredas, or districts, in order to reflect the diversity of the people that live there. Historically, coffee farmers in the Guji region would take their coffee to a central location to be processed/blended as they lacked the funds to build their own washing stations but recently many small processing stations are being built to fully capture the distinct taste profiles of each woreda.

Israel Degfa built the Adola Station in 2013 and is the proud owner of 13 other small coffee processing stations in the southeast regions of Ethiopia. Degfa is a young native Ethiopian business man that made the decisions to stop focusing on quantity and to start focusing on quality. At this particular washing station there are only 350 drying beds that are 30m long and 1.8m wide with shade nets covering the coffee.

With all the love and care that went into processing this coffee, we are proud to bring it to your cup and hope you enjoy its pronounced fruity flavor, medium acidity and overall balance.